“Agnès Nivot is a traveller of continents and human soul. She cultivates a kind of archeological fiction in her sculptural art work which essentially expresses itself through almost primitive forms and sober shades. There remains the beautiful diversity of material, essential.
Every piece modeled with a chosen clay for its color and its texture appears as a kind of memory symbol or as a ritual of man’s first creations, historic or imaginary… In brief from the megalith circle to the chinese “bi”, the image of heaven and supreme power, from primitive Egypt to Atlantis… The work of clay draws here a continuous circle of meditation about oneself’s origin and infinity of ascetism.”

Jean-Francois Juliard

FRENCH ART TOUR - Shanghai 2014

HiDesign-LOGO For the 50th anniversary of Franco-Chinese diplomatic relations, ATELIERS D’ART DE FRANCE is organising FRENCH ART TOUR, a previously unseen journey through themed show-and-sale exhibitions with stops in three of Shanghai’s symbolic cultural institutions : TAO ART GALLERY, LIULI CHINA MUSEUM and LAFAYETTE ART&DESIGN CENTER.